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I have an idea

You've got an idea that brings something new or solves a problem. It's the starting point where you figure out what makes your business special and if people would be interested.

I have enough money

You've gathered up the cash you need to kick off your business journey. Whether it's from savings, loans, or backers, having enough money means you can start turning your idea into reality.

I have a business model

You've got a plan in place for how your business will work. It's like a roadmap showing who your customers are, what you'll offer them, and how you'll make money.

I know my customer

You've figured out who your customers are and what they want. Understanding your customers helps you tailor your products or services to fit their needs and keep them coming back for more.

I’m ready to sell to customers

You're all set to launch your business and start selling. It's the moment when you've got the funding, know your audience, and are raring to go out and make some sales.

I’m already selling to customers

Your business is up and running, and you're making sales. Now, it's all about managing your finances, keeping your customers happy, and listening to their feedback to keep growing.

Our startup wizard will walk you through the steps to start or restart your business. To start, create your Network Navigator profile and select Biz Wizward.

Your big idea, but simplified.

The Business Model Canvas

The business model canvas is the step before your business plan, giving you a big-picture map of your concept. It visually represents your company’s key components, including information about your customers, revenue streams, and what makes your company unique.










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